Birthday Food and DIY Decor Essentials

So I promised you two birthday extravaganza posts, and here is the first one! Preparing for my hubby’s surprise birthday dinner and night of jazz was rather tricky – he’s a clever one I tell you. My plan was to have his parents over for dinner – I made the shrimp scampi linguine and his mom brought the salad and dessert. It was too funny the three of us hiding in my tiny kitchen waiting for Aaron to come home from class. And then SURPRISE! Only to find out that my darling abuelo (Aaron’s grandpa) had already spilled the beans to him moments before during a birthday phone call. But, it was a fabulous time all the same!

I was quite proud of myself for keeping the surprise the night before as I frantically cleaned and prepared. See, I decided to set the table early, for four, not two as he had anticipated. Now, being a clever girl, I used the excuse that setting the dinner table for four was purely for the aesthetics of this blog post. Ha! And, thankfully he’s convinced I’m rather OCD anyway, so the veracious cleaning did not phase him.

Fabulous Fiesta Place Settings

Well, needless-to-say, this birthday dinner gave me the perfect opportunity to set the table with the new Fiesta ware we’ve begun accumulating thanks to wedding gifts and gift cards. In addition, with Kohl’s cash we were able to get the four round place mats for free, and the wine glasses added a nice touch – they were wedding gifts as well. Oh how fun it is to build a home and life together – married bliss is fabulous! To finish the look off entirely, I want to make napkins that perfectly compliment the colorful dishes, so that is another upcoming project.

Breakfast in Bed & a DIY Serving Tray

And…the birthday food surprises continued this morning when I made my hubby breakfast in bed. He absolutely loves his mama’s French Toast Casserole, so thanks to Pinterest in all its glory, I found a spin-off of french toast in the form of muffins. I woke up at 7:30 – true dedication for me considering it is a Saturday – and made muffins and coffee. I served his breakkie on a fabulous serving tray that one of my good friends made me as an apartment-warming gift.

And from what she’s said both trays were really easy to make. My understanding of the steps:

  • Pick up a wooden tray from your local craft store
  • Find pictures from magazines, old wallpaper, etc. and decide where to place them
  • Lay the pictures where you want them and cover over with Modge Podge
  • Then decorate the trays with stickers, gems, markers or whatever you’re feeling

One thing I realized from last night and this morning – it is so fun and easy to integrate DIY projects and crafts into your everyday life. Being a large part of the process for Aaron’s birthday surprises was a blast and it made it that much more special! Oh, and family is one of the greatest gifts in life. To see the final (jazzy) surprise I planned and coordinated last night, and the glamorous ensemble I wore, check out my next post here.

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