A Bit About Me

Taiwan candid shotThe Inspiration

I’ve been wanting to create a personal lifestyle blog for a while – and here it is! In all areas of my life I try to infuse imagination, yet a sense of reality as well. As a recent college graduate, marketing professional and wife, my budget for fun things, like clothes, home decor and all-things-wedding, require some creativity. Bargains have always appealed to me, but as I’ve grown older, it’s even more engrained in my being. I am a thrifter at heart – forever enthused by Goodwill 50% off days, garage sale buys, flea markets and outlet malls. In this blog I aspire to demonstrate how to live elegantly, but thiftily. You can look, decorate or plan fabulously, even on a dime!

My Day Job

I work for a family owned business (two sister companies) as its premier marketing guru. I am officially the marketing coordinator, which means I maintain and update everything on the websites, social media channels, the blogs and any other areas of online marketing. It may not sound like much, but it keeps me very busy! Almost 10 different social media outlets can be tricky to juggle. I am learning so much though, and it really propelled and inspired me to finally create this blog.

My Hubby

You will inevitably see/read a lot about my husband, Aaron, in this blog. He is pretty phenom, and a huge part of my life, so I apologize for any mushy stuff in advance! Currently he is in medical school at Marian University’s new College of Osteopathic Medicine, so while he studies, I blog – perfect combo! We occasionally take trips to our fav coffee spot, Starbucks, to do just that.

Connect With Me

I love communicating and connecting, especially for those of you who enjoy all my babbling, so please comment, like and follow this blog and any of the other social media outlets I am on (see the links to your right). Happy reading!

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