A Passion for Fashion

Ever since I was little I have always adored fashion, and everything that entails. In fact, when I was 12, I dreamed of being a contestant on America’s Next Top Model – ambitious I know. My sense of style has evolved over the years, and thankfully so! But one thing that has stuck with me is the desire to create a unique wardrobe without spending a fortune.

It is probably a fair judgement that I spend WAY too much time at Goodwill and looking at sale racks, but that is how I’ve managed to fill my massive walk-in closet full of quality clothes. I usually try to keep up on current trends, but my main goal is to dress for my body, and focusing on classic, timeless pieces that will carry over for years to come. I also love coordinating different outfits by mixing and matching individual outfit pieces with shoes and accessories. So this portion of the blog will aim to help you become a fashionista too, without using lots of moolah to do it.

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