My Whimsical Wedding

My wedding took place on June 22 of this year, and it was a magical event! Up until the big day, naturally I was incredibly stressed and honed in on all the minute details, but in retrospect things turned out better than imagined. Now, there were some snags here and there, namely the awful weather that destroyed my dream of an outdoor ceremony, but the wedding party and family recreated my vision last-minute at our reception venue.

So…with all this said, I was the primary planner, decorator and detail person for every aspect of our wedding. Talk about a lot to manage! Not surprisingly, this is why I started planning years in advance – literally, I began planning before I was even engaged. Ha! But needless-to-say, I pulled it off, and you could too.

My goal for this section is to relive the wedding planning experience through various projects I undertook. Let’s just say, Pinterest was a major launching off point, and Hobby Lobby became my go-to store every other weekend. But I am incredibly proud of our DIY, vintage wedding, so I hope you can learn a few things from it!

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