A Little Black Dress + A Night of Jazz

After my honeymoon in New Orleans it is clearly evident that my husband LOVES jazz clubs, so what was more perfect than going to The Jazz Kitchen for his 23rd birthday? A famous and incredibly talented musician Ira Sullivan and his band played last night. We really enjoyed the ambiance and vibrant music. And my Billionaire Coffee drink was fabulous too! Last night reassured me how much I adore my husband and how special and important he is in my life, so I was really glad I could take him to this jazz joint. It is one of his new fav night spots now!

Leading up to the event I was trying to decide what ensemble would be appropriate. The only other time I’ve been to The Jazz Kitchen was for Carnival last February and everyone was pretty fancy, so I was psyched at the prospect of wearing a newly purchased Goodwill dress. It was originally from Target, and I got it at last month’s 50% off day for only $8. I think it was rather classy and sophisticated! Now I just need another event and excuse to wear it.

Today’s TREASURES from the Sept. Goodwill 50% Off Day

Today my hubby and I ventured to my all-time favorite Goodwill store, the one on Keystone, across from Glendale. At first it seemed our luck wasn’t that great with a less than stellar home goods section, but in the clothes section I found some sweet steals. There were so many sweaters, and looking through them made me giddy with excitement in anticipation of autumn. Mmmm…hot apple cider, Halloween, changing leaves, orchards, haunted houses, pumpkin pie. This year, reflecting on it, my enthusiasm for fall is greater than normal. Perhaps it’s because this time of year has all the best holidays and leads up to my favorite holiday – Christmas. Either way, with my super successful day of shopping I now have some new additions to my fall wardrobe. Check them out!


1. Purple dress: Kensie brand, $3

2. Rose colored dress: Lush, $3, with the tags still on


1. Plum knitted sweater: American Eagle, $2.15

2. Coral sweater: Target brand Massimo, $2.15

3. Red sweater dress: H&M, $2.15

4. Tan, patterned cropped sweater: Forever 21, $2.15 – so funky, love it!

You should consider going to your local Goodwill 50% off day sometime soon. For the Indianapolis stores it is every first Saturday of the month. Try and get there early or you may miss all the good finds, it is sooo worth it! Oh, and maybe shop around the Goodwill stores in your area to see which is the best – then spend your time there on 50% off day. Or, you can visit several, make a day of it! If you have some fabulous Goodwill fashion finds you’d like to share, feel free to post them in the comment section below.