What Everyone Ought to Know About Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®

ReStyled BoutiqueAfter revamping one dresser, it was only fair to give the other a facelift as well! And actually, painting my dresser has been a long-term goal for a while. The dresser started out as a deeper brown color that clashed rather badly in our bedroom, and especially next to the new dresser, so when I heard my mother-in-law talking about Annie Sloan paint, I knew I needed some. And thankfully, there is a small boutique up in Carmel called ReStyled that sells it, which is close to my office.

So the day of my hubby’s birthday, back at the beginning of the month, my mother and father-in-law met me at the boutique and we each bought Chalk Paint® for our respective projects. It was an investment, but this paint goes so far, and it is absolutely phenomenal in that it can essentially paint over anything. Not to mention, it is really easy to apply, it dries quickly and it provides a “shabby chic” look that is oh so popular lately. Along with the Graphite color I chose, I also bought the soft, clear wax to seal in the paint color. Below I’ve outlined all the steps in the process.

Annie Sloan SuppliesThe Materials:

  • Paint tarp – less than $3 from Meijer
  • Chalk Paint® – $38.95 for a quart from ReStyled
  • Soft Clear Wax – $28.95 for a tin from ReStyled
  • Paint brush – $4 from ReStyled
  • Paint stirrer – free from ReStyled
  • Screwdriver

The Steps: Turning Drab Into Fab

1. The first step was to lug the massive dresser from my room into the living room and onto the tarp so I had more space to move. The hubbs was very helpful with this. [Note: in this picture I already completed step 3.]

Dresser on the Tarp

2. Then I took out all my supplies, opened the paint can and stirred the paint.

Stirring the Chalk Paint

3. After prepping the paint, I unscrewed and set aside the dresser knobs to ensure paint wouldn’t get all over them.

Knobs and Screwdriver

4. Then finally, it was time to get my paint on. And honestly, I kind of just went for it. That’s the beauty of this paint – there is no right or wrong way to do it. If you want brushstrokes or the original color underneath to show, then don’t go over each part as much. However, I wanted it to be fully covered, so I went over certain areas a few times and tried to be fairly thorough. I also made sure to go into the cracks and crevices, and painted only the fronts and upper lips of the dresser drawers. I also didn’t paint underneath the dresser or on the inside legs. Really it was only important to cover the areas that are visible. Meaning the back, which has faux wood backing, was also left unpainted. This whole painting process only took me about half an hour to 45 minutes. Then I let it dry.

Drying Paint

5. After it dried, I opened the can of soft wax and used an old, non-fuzz producing rag to apply it. So basically, I simply dipped the rag into the wax and softly rubbed it all over the dresser to seal in the paint.

Annie Sloan Soft Wax

6. The last step was to rinse out the paint brush and the stirrer, close both cans and put everything away while I waited for the wax to dry.

Rinsing the Supplies

7. After the dresser was fully dried, I screwed the knobs back on and we carried it back into my room very carefully. And that’s it – my dresser is completely transformed now, and I LOVE it! Oh, and it looks really nice next to the other dresser as well.

If you’d like to know more about Annie Sloan paint – what you can use it on, where to find a retailer, colors, more advanced application, etc. then you should really check out the official website here. Happy Chalk Painting®!